Nemo’s Whores is another 3D virtual sex simulation game from Sex Game Devil, the developers of Juliet Sex Session, Venus Hostage and other great 3D xxx games. You play Captain Nemo, who (just like his famous prototype) travels and explores the world’s oceans in his submarine, The Nautilus, with a nice supply of luscious babes on board. As a captain, you wander across your submarine and fuck everything in sight.

The Nautilus has four levels/rooms, those are the bridge, the captain’s cabin, the dining room and the swimming area. You can switch between them anytime you want. Navigating them is as easy as it gets – use the cursor keys to turn into the desired direction and then left click the mouse to walk where you want to. To exit the current room and switch between levels, use the ESC key, or click the mouse on the door.

There is a girl or even multiple girls on each level, move towards them to have sex. As you approach a girl, you will see a number of circles representing sexual positions. Pick the desired position and you are ready to go. There is a great choice of them, unique for every character. You can adjust the speed of sex, zoom and rotate the camera to the sights of interest (hold the right mouse button to rotate and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out). The sounds (ass slapping, screaming, moaning, etc) are very erotic and well adjusted with sex animations. The sex scenes in Nemo’s Whores are very well done (with a lot of attention to details) and will not disappoint you.

Nemo’s Whores has excellent graphics, nice atmospheric music, realistic and high-detailed environments and immersive gameplay.

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