Venus Hostage is another 3D xxx game from Sex Game Devil, the developers of Juliet Sex Session. In contrast to the named title, Venus Hostage is not a virtual sex simulation game, it’s more like a first person adult adventure game with occasional sex, lots of puzzle solving and a bit of violence here and there. The game tells a simple, linear story, but with lots of intrigue and unexpected turns. The story is presented with cutscenes, providing lots of information and clues between certain game stages, adding a lot to the mysterious atmosphere.

The gameplay is a mixture of elements from good old action games like Half Life and (like briefly mentioned before) a great deal of puzzle solving. The puzzles aren’t too diffucult and though they may sometimes leave you confused for a moment or two, they are all based on common sense and manipulating objects available to you in the environment. There are also some scenes that require finding a solution to a dangerous situation in a limited time. As for the violence, there is some combat in Venus Hostage, but it is nothing special, and as many things in this game, serves to spice up the main story. The occasional and brief sex encounters are very well done with lots of attention to details, but if there were more of them in the game it would definitely be a benefit.

Venus Hostage has good, but a bit outdated graphics, decent voice acting, fine sound effects and music. It all helps to create a unique atmosphere that keeps you playing to see how the story ends. Despite some negative moments, it’s still a very good game and totally worth the price, especially if you like first person adventures with puzzle solving, violence, sexual encounters and unexpected story twists.

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