Cherry Dolls (3D Sex Life)

Cherry Dolls (also known as 3D Sex Life) is a 3D interactive virtual sex simulation game developed by Ripened Peach Entertainment. This 3D xxx game comes in two variants with different titles. 3D Sex Life is an improved version of Cherry Dolls with VStroker compatibility, monthly updates (including new characters, scenes, etc) and other cool features. So if you want to get the most of the game, we recommend you buy the improved version to take the interactive experience to the next level.

You can choose between three different girls and three male characters and play with them in three different locations (the forest, the garden and the bedroom). There is no detailed customization in 3D Sex Life – the guys are white, black or latin, the girls are all white with different hair styles and color, but pretty much the same body. The locations have high quality graphics and background sounds and overall very well done.

To start a new game, pick your characters and location and click start. When the screen loads, click the positions button to select a position you wish to have sex in. There are six different positions, including doggystyle, cowgirl, blowjobs, sixty-nine, and more to choose from. You can select another position anytime during sex. There are two bars in the lower left corner of the screen – blue for male and pink for female, indicating their level of excitement. Max out the meters to bring your characters to orgasm. If you max out the guy’s meter, you can shoot his load onto the girl (her face, boobs, belly or any other part of her body you like).

If you need help, press F1 at anytime during gameplay to review keyboard and mouse controls and learn other useful things. The controls are very intuitive and clear. Use the left mouse button to move the camera and the right mouse button to rotate it in 360 degress. Use A and D to go left and right, W and S to zoom in and out. Use F11 to take screenshots and DEL to instantly quit the game.

The overall game quality is excellent. It has incredible graphics and life-like animation, accompanied by some of the best erotic sounds you’ll find in any game. 3D Sex Life has everything you love about sex simulation games and delivers more with constant updates.

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