Grand Cutie Anal

Grand Cutie Anal is a “free roam” 3d xxx action RPG game in which you tour the city of San Fernando as Wayne Newmarket, searching for new sexual adventures and completing various quests to make money. It works a lot like any game from the Grand Theft Auto series. As you keep exploring the city, you meet new NPCs that give you quests that you must complete for a reward.

When you have completed a quest and there is a sex reward available, a symbol appears on the city map. These symbols vary in color depending on the experience level of the NPC at that location, and you must be that same level or higher to approach the NPC. You are then taken to a room for a good fucking. The sex room is the standard kind of room you see in many of the Somavision games, the same goes for the sex gameplay.

You can control your character by using the standard combination of the WASD keys to move and the right mouse button to look around. To talk to NPCs, just come close to them and when they are highlighted, left click the mouse. To check your inventory and active quests press the I key. If you have a quest item that one of the NPCs wants, just drag and drop it from the inventory onto the screen, click on it and the quest is done. To pause the game or change settings at anytime, press the ESC key.

If you are familiar with any of the adult games from Somavision, then you probably know what to expect from Grand Cutie Anal graphically (the graphics are good, but not outstanding), gameplay and soundwise. New downloadable content is offered regularly and includes new locations, NPCs, multi-levelled quests, etc. The game is available for both PC and Mac.

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