BoneTown is one of the best 3D xxx free roam/sandbox style RPG games. It combines the best elements of games like Grand Theft Auto and 3D SexVilla, spices it up with lots of humor, and there you have it – one of the most violent, explicit and entertaining games on the market.

There’s no place for men with small balls in BoneTown. To get the best girls and satisfy them properly, your balls must be big enough. With tiny balls you can only fuck fat ugly girls. As you might have guessed, the game’s main objective is to grow balls… yes, literary. The more you fuck, the bigger balls you get. There is also a lot of side quests and missions you will need to complete in order to increase the max size of your balls. Those aren’t easy to complete (as you have to keep your stats high all the time) and include even more fucking and punching. Use drugs or alcohol to perform better in fights and to keep your energy high. If you have no drugs and your energy is running low, find a slut and get a blowjob (this will restore it). If your balls are shrinking in size, go fuck more girls. During a fight, press the various mouse buttons to punch, block or swing a weapon (chairs, guitars, baseball bats, etc). To win a fight you must knock the other guy out before your energy reaches zero. As your balls grow in size, you get more powerful attacks.

BoneTown Characters
BoneTown Characters

There are many collectibles in the game, some of them can be found or obtained through violence, some of them can be purchased. If there is no available girls around, you can always use prostitutes for cash. Cash is also obtained through violence, or by completing missions. What’s also interesting about this game is that you can steal identities – just knock out a person, approach the unconscious body, press Q and you will become the person (especially useful if that NPC has better stats than yours, including the balls size).

During sex you need to pay attention to your power and speed meters (blue) and match them with those of your partner (pink) to successfully bring her to orgasm. You can also slap her ass by left clicking the mouse while fucking, or push her head down if you are getting a blowjob. There are a great variety of sex positions, but those are chosen automatically by the game.

BoneTown has it all – superb graphics, quality sound, excellent animation, immersive gameplay and a huge world to explore. And of course, Ron Jeremy, who makes a guest appearance.

BoneTown Controls:


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