Digamour is definitely one of the best 3D xxx RPG games for PC and quite different from other similar products. In this game you play a cyber slut wandering the streets of Paris in the year 2074 in search of the newest upgrades, attracting the most wealthy clients to pleasure.

The initial choice of customization options is limited to nationality, eye color, skin colour and bodyweight. The number of available city areas early in the game is also limited. But as you continue your experience through the world of Digamour, you will begin to unlock all of the sexual options you will need to enter into all areas of the city and upgrade the looks of your avatar. New upgrades and locations of interactive action are offered every month to paying customers, so you will never feel the lack of new content.

You can fast travel to a desired location by using the city map. If there is an NPC available for sex, a symbol ($) appears on the map. The symbols vary in color depending on the experience level of the NPC at that location. The bra icon on the map indicates a bodyshop, where you can buy upgrades to enhance the sexual ability of your robo-slut. Those upgrades include improved sex A.I., body enhancements, or some new skills and abilities.

Controlling your character is easy. You can use the right mouse button to rotate camera and the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. When servicing a client, use the cursor and ASD keys to choose primary and secondary sex moves (when available) and press enter to select the desired position.

Graphically, the game is quite satisfying, the futuristic setting looks convincing, making you want to explore more of the city. The gameplay is addictive (but gets repetitive if you play for too long), and the sounds are well executed.

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