Pink Tropics is one of the most interesting 3D xxx games out there. And it’s the only video game where you can personally fuck none other than Ashlynn Brooke. That’s right, the game offers you a dozen of different virtual models and your favourite pornstar is one of them.

The game takes place somewhere in the South Pacific inside the Pink Tropics Hotel. You play as one of it’s residents, walking around the building and trying to find open rooms, where different girls are ready to make your every pervert dream come true. The hotel has two floors and about 12 rooms in total. To gain access to more women, you have to progress and earn cash (girls love cash and experienced men, you know).

The initial choice of customization options in Pink Tropics may seem a little bit limited if you compare it to other virtual sex games. From the customization screen you can choose your avatar hair color, eye color, skin color. But as you progress, you will unlock more customization options (hair styles, penis enhancements, etc) and special items (glasses, chains, etc) that will pimp out your virtual porn star.

Navigation is really easy, you walk around the hotel with the usual combination of mouse and keyboard. Once in a room with a girl, use cursor and enter keys to change sexual positions. You can also set the camera to rotate around the scene continuously. On top of the screen you will see two energy level meters – one is for the girl and another is for your character. You have to complete a series of quicktime events, trying to boost the girl’s level and keep yours from dropping down. At the end of each scene, when you have an orgasm, hit forward arrow key repeatedly to gain more experience points and cash.

The game is great both graphically and soundwise. As a paying member of Pink Tropics, you also have access to exclusive Ashlynn Brooke extras including photo sessions, strip shows and all original HD porn movies.

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