Bonecraft is another 3D xxx action/adventure game created by D-Dub Software, the developers of Bonetown. Unlike it’s predecessor, the game parodies everything science fiction and fantasy and aims to please not only fans of sex games, but gamers in general. If you love the mentioned genres, you are sure to find lots of great references and funny moments as you play. The game is full of violence, sex and humor – everything you liked about Bonetown is here, brought to an even higher level.

Bonecraft follows the adventures of Captain Fort Worth, the leader of Space Wranglers, and his sidekick, Lubbock. It begins with a rather lengthy tutorial, which explains the basics of the game, including controls and combat tactics. The game uses the standard control scheme of mouse and keyboard (just like Bonetown), except this time you also have quite a number of extra buttons to mash – hand to hand combat, multiple ranged weapons, shields, jet pack, troop commands, etc. But it takes just a few fights to get accustomed to the controls.

An Orc getting that elf pussy
An Orc getting that elf pussy

In total, the main adventure campaign consists of 11 missions (during which you deal with hordes of orcs and elves, bone your way through their women and face Dick Monsters, the galaxy’s most fearsome creatures) and 3 difficulty levels – easy, normal and hard. Beaten enemies drop lots of useful items, including weapons, ammunition, jet pack fuel, alien artifacts and cash. You can visit the sex store (from the main mission screen) to bang any of the chicks you have unlocked during your adventures and/or buy some new sex positions, weapons and upgrades.

You can have sex after each round of combat to regain energy (health) and increase testosterone. Similar to Bonetown, you need to pay attention to your power and speed meters (blue) and match them with those of your partner (pink) to successfully bring her to orgasm.

In addition to the main adventure campaign, you can also play in free-roam mode, eliminating hordes of orcs, elves and Dick Monsters and fucking everything that moves just for fun. This is also a great way to replenish ammunition, fuel and cash.

Bonecraft has good quality graphics, entertaining and immersive gameplay, great voice acting and lots of replay value.

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