Have you ever found yourself bored with your everyday porn? Ever felt like you are basically watching one and the same thing over and over again? Well, we have news for you guys! If you like POV (point of view) stuff, you don’t have to suffer through repetitive and predictable sex scenes anymore. Just check the new and exciting Life Selector and watch whatever you like, the way you want to. It may not be the most exciting thing ever, but worth checking out for sure.

So, what in the world is Life Selector? Not sure if we can call it a game as it barely has any gameplay to it. Think of it as an impressive collection of high quality interactive POV porn stories with some of your favorite girls from the industry, branching storylines and dialogues. That’s right, porn can now react to the choices you make. You no longer have to skip scenes you don’t like, transform what you watch to your liking instead. How about that? POV porn on it’s own serves to create a degree of viewer involvement, but add interactivity to it and you actually become a part of any story you pick.

The assortment of things Life Selector offers is just amazing. You can choose from dozens of scenarios like being a teacher or a private tutor, a gardener, a bartender, a pool boy etc… there are BDSM and hostage stories, office politics are more. Don’t expect full interactivity though, like what you are used to see in videogames. Given that it’s all filmed video, there are certain limits to what you can do, but still you’re given a pretty impressive amount of choices of how to tailor your experience.

Let’s see how it all works. Each scenario provides a variety of choices that apply both to the story-based build-up and the explicit sex action that happens later. If you are impatient and don’t care that much for preambles, you can get straight to business. But we recommend the full experience to have the best sense of involvement through all the branching and detailed stories and interactions.

During sex scenes you’re given a ton of alternative options. For example, during a blowjob you may be offered to smack her face or grab her head and push it down on your on-screen cock. When you get to her spread legs, you can either finger her holes and play for a while or just slip in and fuck the daylights out of her. There are nipple and clit play, spanking, pussy to mouth, finger licking and many many other random options that pop up during sex. And as a rule, every sex scene ends up with a hot load of cum over her face.

The videos are very well filmed and transitions between scenes and choices are seamless. Most of them have spoken dialogue parts and a narrator. Another great thing about Life Selector is that the girls are actually really hot, unlike many other similar services. And like we already mentioned, there are some big names in the mix. Just check out the model list and you’ll be impressed. If it’s not enough to make you throw money at the screen, then there are a couple of fully free scenarios for your evaluation.

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