3D Stripper is one of the most realistic strip club management simulators (I guess you can call it that way) and definitely one of the 3D xxx games worth buying. Let’s take a closer look at it.

The first thing that catches your eye is the scope and depth of customization. You can literally change anything you want – stripper costumes and outfits, lightning, music, pick various movements for girls. The more exotic and exciting the dance gets, the more virtual coin you earn. As the owner of the club, you invest this money in new costumes, new kinds of movements and lightning, which gives you even more extensive customization.

Graphically as well as soundwise, 3D Stripper is good enough. Both graphics and sound can be customized using the options menu. Moreover, if you feel like the default music selection is not enough – you can import your own stuff in mp3 format and make the girls dance to whatever genre you like.

The game utilizes movements of live exotic dancers digitally recorded by the renowned and proven motion capture 3D technology, which is widely used in movies and video games to create realistic effects. Controls allow you to have full 360 degree view with the camera so you can see the stage from any angle, you can also zoom in and out and adjust dance speed.

3D Stripper is all about quality sound, graphics, realistic movements and wide variety of options, which definitely makes it one of the best games of its kind.

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