Girlfriends 4 Ever

If you are into hentai, illustrated graphic sex stories and 3D erotica then you must know Affect 3D. Girlfriends 4 Ever is another impressive offering from the publisher and this time it’s not a typical graphic novel, but a fully animated project. Despite being their first, it has made quite a stir online. There is hardly anyone at this point who doesn’t know what Girlfriend 4 Ever is about, haven’t seen a trailer or a montage of sex scenes from this realistic looking brilliance somewhere on porntubes. And for those of you who (for some reason) is not among the majority, we write this short review.

Now most of you are probably familiar with the Japanese term “futanari”, which literally means “hermaphrodite” and this is exactly what you get here. It is very true to Affect 3D standards, so if you aren’t new to their stuff, you should be able to look past the fact that it’s not your usual porn. But while it may not be everyone’s thing, we highly recommend you check it out anyway – you’ll be surprised how arousing it actually is. So what do we have here? Girlfriends 4 Ever is a story about two girls, a platinum blond Tara and her busty brunette friend Sayako. The girls are attracted to each other sexually and it’s time they become more than just friends. Tara takes Sayako to a place where they can be alone for some time and makes the first move, even though she is shy and apparently never done it with a girl before. What she doesn’t know is that there’s a big, huge, gargantuan surprise waiting for her. That’s right, Sayako has a cock and she sure knows how to use it. This is how the story starts, the rest you should see for yourselves. And while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, as we mentioned before, the quality is unbelievable. The girls look stunning and life-like (discount the cock and some other hyperbolic features), graphics and sounds are perfect.


Another thing that should be mentioned – Girlfriends 4 Ever is not a game. If you are looking for total control over sex action, you better look elsewhere. This is an interactive 3D porn, which lets you enjoy the craziest sex fantasies from every imaginable angle, while also allowing you to manage things like the girl’s outfits and accessories. You get to rotate the camera the way you like, loop an individual angle, position, change the speed, jump to a specific scene, etc. Talking about accessories, there are some fun things you can do as well. Boobs not big enough? No problem, there’s an option for slightly larger titties, more vascular cock, etc. Want more immersion? Try 3D vision mode. Bored? There’s an X-ray mode for you, which does exactly what it’s supposed to do – shows you what sex looks like from the inside.

It’s been quite some time since Girlfriends 4 Ever seen the light of day, but until recently they kept releasing DLC for it, expanding the already amazing and complete 3D porn experience, so if you buy it – expect to find additional scenes that are as good as the main one. It may not provide you with hours and hours of hot stuff, but mark our word – you are going to get back to Girlfriends 4 Ever for your Tara and Sayako fix over and over again.

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