When making a purchase decision, what is the most important thing you take into consideration about a product besides its overall quality, graphics, audio and richness of content? Is it really worth it? Will I get the bang for the buck? These are the questions we all ask ourselves before parting with our hard earned money, and sometimes we are left unsatisfied. Replayability is the key word. This is the thing many adult games lack. Fortunately, there are games that offer new experiences when you revisit them and today we are going to cover one such product, called XStoryPlayer.

XStoryPlayer is an advanced 3d sex game, or rather a platform, that allows you to play through different erotic stories. If you prefer long introductions, tons of dialogue and intriguing branching storylines to mindless sex action, this one is definitely worth your consideration. Each story takes around 5-7 hours to complete (depends on how you play and if you care about details) and puts you through different situations, tasks and puzzles that you have to complete to hit a home run. Best guideline for playing is to behave somewhat like you would in normal life, don’t be too pushy or handle them too rough, the girls have feelings, you know. Before you ask – yes, it’s all worth the effort. All stories have open endings, which means that once you established a relationship with a girl, impressed her enough, you can go back to her any time and have full access to her body – no trials, no chit chat, just hot and steamy fucking. Some girls are more kinky than others and may surprise you with their fantasies.

XStoryPlayer is regularly updated with all new content, including game modes, content packs and other exciting stuff. With the latest version (3.0), for example, they brought us a sandbox mode and a new story. Here’s hoping that in the foreseeable future they introduce some kind of an editor and allow user created stories. That would make it priceless. And they are taking steps in that direction, it seems.

There are lots of customization settings, clothes and textures you can choose from to alter your characters. The latest version also supports modding and you can find new skins, accessories and clothes made by other users, just check the forums. All pieces of clothing are fully interactive, buttons and zippers can be used accordingly, which makes the experience of undressing a girl even more fun and realistic (especially in combo with Oculus Rift).

Talking about sex gameplay. When a girl is won, there is absolutely no restrictions to what you can do. Spread her legs, play with her pussy, fuck her every hole, cum on her face. Want a hot lesbian threesome? You got it. For those impatient ones, who don’t want to deal with any stories, the mentioned sandbox mode aka sex dungeon offers an impressive arsenal of toys and machines. Just launch the game, select this mode and let your dirty fantasies loose. All characters remain fully interactive while being fucked by a machine or another character.

Fortunately enough, X Moon Productions realise the importance of providing a free demo. You can actually check the game out for yourselves before putting money from your pocket into theirs. It’s a rare thing nowadays and it’s a shame that many ignore it. Other developers should take note. Buying XStoryPlayer 3 will get you all previous versions of the game and a reasonable discount for future upgrades beyond 3.x

It’s important to mention that they also keep the graphics up to date to make sure everything looks as realistic and impressive as they can do. And they do a pretty good job, while also keeping things simple to allow those of us with older computers to have the same great experience as all others.

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